Elder Law

Elder Law

We also practice elder law that helps you maintain control of your finances and destiny as you get older. From long-term care to asset protection, we make sure you are the one that makes the decisions.

What is Elder Law?

When estate planning is focused on the care of inpiduals who are contemplating their declining years and are facing the prospect of long term custodial care and long term illness, we are practicing Elder Law. Frequently, advice and planning are requested as to avoid impoverishment and to allow the protection of assets on behalf of spouses and other family members.

What documentation is involved?

Elder Law planning may call for revision of earlier estate work and for the exploration and search for other benefits and entitlements such as social security disability, "Mass" health as well as other public and private retirement and living benefits. We may recommend the transfer of assets by the use of wills, trusts, deeds, insurance policies and annuities among others. Prepaid funeral plans may be recommended, as well as long term care and supplemental insurance.

How does an Elder Citizen secure benefits?

Emphasis may be placed in securing benefits. We may assist with the application for Medicaid or MassHealth, as it is called in Massachusetts. Similarly, we can apply for SSI and Social Security Disability or creation of Special Needs Trusts.

What else is involved with Elder Law?

Another phase of Elder Law is to provide assistance to protect the clients so that their rights are enforced against nursing homes, or the abusive inpiduals are removed or restrained from interfering or intimidating the client. We may be called in to represent clients in their disputes with the benefits being provided by various agencies, whether at home or while institutionalized. Please direct questions or comments to the email provided below.